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Out and about? Keeping a close eye on your sales, feedback and support while you’re on the go has never been more simple.

Track your multichannel eCommerce sales in real-time with the free eDesk Mobile App.

How does it work?

Using your eDesk login details, you can access those important insights you need, on the fly.

Ticket Insights

Keep track of your ticket volumes and more while you're on the go.

Order Insights

Check your overall Sales, total amount of orders and see how your sales are distributed across your channels.

Reviews & Feedback

See recent Negative Amazon Reviews and Negative eBay Feedback so you can take action in record time.

Monitor your ticket breakdown

Any marketplace seller can download the app to get our free sales reports. With daily and monthly reports directly on your phone, you’ll know exactly how your business is performing from anywhere in the world. Keep track of which channels are performing with a full breakdown of sales by marketplace.

Features include:

  • View your key figures in one comprehensive eCommerce sales dashboard

  • Check your overall sales total and number of orders

  • See how your sales are split across each channel

  • Compare the figures for the current and previous month or day

  • View ticket volume, query types, and tickets tags by day and month – eDesk users only

  • See recent negative feedback on Amazon – eDesk Feedback users only

  • See recent eBay positive and negative feedback – eDesk Feedback users only

Mobile sales report

Get a full view of how your business is performing across all your channels with our free mobile sales and performance report.

Simple interface

Fly through reports using our simple mobile interface, making it even easier to run your business wherever you may be.