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Save time with the best help desk for Walmart sellers

Beat out your competitors by crushing customer service, all while spending less time and effort on it!

Our eCommerce help desk centralizes the customer messaging from Walmart and all your other selling channels into one smart inbox. This helps you slash response times, delight shoppers, and manage customer support with ease (even during busy times).

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Powering support for thousands of eCommerce businesses worldwide

We no longer have to dig through multiple inboxes and threads...

“eDesk has consolidated all of our individual messaging platforms into one centralized mailbox. Now each issue comes in as one ticket, so we no longer have to dig through multiple inboxes and threads.”

Save time on customer service

Our customer support tool for eCommerce sellers lets you consolidate the customer messaging from all your selling channels into one smart inbox. This enables your team to easily sort, view, and prioritize inquiries so you can respond faster and spend less time managing customer support.

Stop clicking around to find what you need

Our smart inbox displays Walmart order processing and shipping data, customer information, tracking numbers, and all other pertinent info right alongside messages. That means you no longer have to click around or view different screens to answer customers’ questions.

Reduce effort and improve efficiency with AI

Our template messages and one-click responses use AI to pre-populate replies with relevant order and product information. This helps 1000s of Walmart marketplace sellers like you quickly and easily respond to customer queries, even during busy sales periods and after hours. You can also use templates to answer frequently asked questions (FAQs), so you don’t have to manually type the responses out every time.

Stay compliant with Walmart marketplace seller policies

Staying compliant with any agreements, policies, and standards Walmart sets forth is crucial to being a successful Walmart marketplace seller. By making sure you’re responding to customer messages quickly and completely (not letting any inquiries fall through the cracks), you can help keep your seller performance up to par.

Note: Stay aware of any new policies, requirements, or tips and best practices for sellers by checking the Walmart Seller Center.

Improve team collaboration and performance

Work together like never before, thanks to features like auto-assign, internal notes, and @mention. Our solution helps your team collaborate smoothly on resolving inquiries, all while knowing who needs to do what (or who has done what).

Get set up in no time

We’ve made linking your Walmart account to eDesk a breeze. The seamless integration can be set up in just a few minutes. Plus, our support team is always on hand if you have any questions or need help.

The simple way to manage Walmart support

Join over 5,000 eCommerce sellers using eDesk tools to delight customers and unlock growth

eDesk is a powerful help desk for eCommerce retailers and online sellers. It centralizes the customer messages from your own website, marketplaces and all your social media channels into a simple dashboard that your team will love.

No more customer issues falling through the cracks

eDesk connects all markets to the same dashboard and displays all of your customer messages and order details in one place. This means you will never miss a query again. Plus, you can dramatically reduce your odds of receiving negative feedback.

Handle increased customer messages with ease

From holidays to sales, every seller faces times that are busier than others. eDesk helps businesses deal with this increased volume of tickets through both its automated and one-click response features.

Improve team performance with better reporting

eDesk’s reporting feature helps you plan and improve your customer service approach through our team performance metrics. This enables you to identify peak support and ticket volume times. With this information, you can ensure that you maintain speedy response times and resolve every query.

Increase positive reviews and make more sales

eDesk targets positive feedback with smart selective requests to increase positive reviews on Amazon, eBay, Trustpilot, and more. This leads to more sales for your business.

14-day trial  |  No credit card required  |  Guided setup

Seamlessly integrate with countless other channels

Not only does eDesk natively integrate with Walmart, but with 200+ other marketplaces, webstores and integrations. Forget logging into multiple marketplace mailboxes—eDesk centralizes the customer support queries from all your channels in one place.

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Handle high volumes of Walmart messages and never share your login again.

14-day trial • No credit card required • Guided setup