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The best help desk app for eBay sellers

Want to get better reviews and make more sales on eBay? What if we told you the trick was spending less time on your customer service?

Our help desk software lets you do just that. By centralizing customer messaging from all your selling channels, you can reduce response times and provide unrivaled support–all while spending less time and effort on customer service.

Powering support for thousands of eCommerce businesses worldwide

We found integration super easy...the software is simple to navigate...

“We found integration super easy, and the eDesk team is a great support when setting up new channels. From a user perspective, the software is simple to navigate especially the live reporting, both for day-to-day users and our leadership team.”

eBay customer service made easy

Seamlessly connect your eBay channels in one shared mailbox. View order details and customer data all in the same place so you can respond faster to eBay buyer messages and improve customer service.

Delight shoppers and your support agents

Our help desk app lets you consolidate your eCommerce customer support into one smart inbox. No more wasted minutes clicking various screens or sharing your passwords with staff.

When you connect eBay with eDesk, you can send and receive messages to and from your eBay customers, manage cases and view order and tracking data across all the 20 different eBay marketplaces in a single dashboard. This helps your support team prioritize tickets and provide lightning-fast responses to customer inquiries.

Manage eBay cases from a single dashboard

Every seller knows that their approach to returns/refunds (or any type of customer complaint) has a huge impact on the success of their business. Our seamless eBay integration enables support teams to view all the order information they need on one screen.

That means you can easily manage eBay cases and quickly process returns and refunds directly from the eDesk platform. Even during busy sales periods, our AI and one-click responses help eBay sellers provide great customer service and keep shoppers satisfied.

Request and receive great feedback: automatically

A big part of selling on eBay is building up great reviews. After all, feedback is one of the first things a customer checks before buying from a specific seller. However, manually requesting reviews from shoppers is a pain.

Or at least, it used to be. Use our automated feedback feature to get more positive feedback and improve or maintain a great eBay feedback rating. This helps to build trust with potential buyers and increases your chances of winning sales over your competition.

Work smarter, not harder with automations

Our shared inbox and auto-assign features help customer support teams work more efficiently and effectively. Want specific eBay messages to automatically be assigned to a certain support agent? Need to view or sort messages according to ticket status? No problem!

You can set up your eBay help desk however your staff needs. Many customer service pros say they love our @mention feature, which allows colleagues to get on the same page and easily collaborate on resolving tough queries.

And of course, you can set up our smart auto-responders to send immediate, accurate responses to customer messages that come in when you’re unavailable or out of the office. That way, shoppers get the help they need even during off hours, and you maintain fast response times.

Take your eBay business global

You don’t have to hire multilingual support staff to sell internationally. Our auto-translation feature helps sellers support all 20 eBay marketplaces. This includes Germany, France, Spain, Italy and more.

The automatically generated professional translations apply to both incoming and outgoing support messages (in other words: customer messages are translated into your language, and your messages are translated into your customers’ language).

The simple way to manage eBay support

Join over 5,000 eCommerce sellers using eDesk tools to delight customers and unlock growth

eDesk is a powerful help desk for eCommerce retailers and online sellers. It centralizes the customer messages from your own website, marketplaces and all your social media channels into a simple dashboard that your team will love.

Never miss another customer inquiry

eDesk connects all your marketplaces to the same dashboard and displays all of your customer messages and order details in one place. This means you will never miss a query again.

Deal with the increase in customer queries more efficiently

eDesk offers automation and one-click response features to help businesses deal with even the busiest influxes of customer messages.

Improve team performance with better reporting

eDesk’s reporting feature provides team performance metrics to help you plan, monitor and improve your customer service strategy. Identify peak support ticket and message volume times to ensure speedy response rates.

Get better reviews to sell more on eBay (and everywhere else)

No matter your or your customer’s native tongue, always speak confidently to each other with our auto-translation automation

14-day trial  |  No credit card required  |  Guided setup

Easily integrate with eBay and anywhere else you support your customers

eDesk natively integrates with eBay, as well as 200+ other marketplaces, webstores and integrations. Forget logging into multiple mailboxes, sharing your passwords or struggling to keep up with customer support.

Centralize your messaging and take customer satisfaction to the next level. Happier shoppers and more sales with less effort on your part? That’s a win, win, win!

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Handle high volumes of eBay messages and never share your login again.

14-day trial • No credit card required • Guided setup